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This is our home base for all of our podcasts.  You can listen to 6 seasons of The Brew Happy Show, as we grow, learn, and discover the latest and greatest of craft beer.  Learn about current styles, how they developed, and how to make your own, all from professionals in the industry.  The secrets of brewing told by your new best friends.  Come get Brew Happy with us and the masters of brewing!  

Plus our Classics page where you can find our original Pilot run, including the origin stories of some of your favorite brand names (Rogue, HUB, Upright, Bridgeport, Widmer, Deschutes, Coalition, and Alaskan), listen to interviews with historic icons like publican Don Younger, beer writer John Foyston, former Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Lisa Morrison “The Beer Goddess of Portland”, Rogue Ales CEO Brett Joyce, and more!