Ep.269-Over Pour #3

This week we had a some great beers from Mother Earth Brew Co.  It’s up and coming breweries like this that inspire us to share their story with our listeners each week.  Each show we do we face the possibility that something may go wrong.  But by being prepared, by having a spare cable, mic, audio splitter, headphones, or some other gadget, we are able to optimize the experience of the guests.  By keeping the stressors of production away fromn the guest, they are comfortable, and open up, and share their story with us, and you, the listeners.  There are always spills along the way, when there are audio cords around drinks.  After many years, and many episodes, and many near misses, a beer made it onto the sound board.  We coped, overcame, and got a great story about another great brewery.  But we always need support to keep The Brew Happy Show moving forward.  Next time we might not be so lucky.