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Frequently Asked Questions for The Brew Happy Show

In the effort to enlighten our interested listeners out there, who wonder aloud about the making of things, we have here a list of the most common queries. There will be periodic updates. For other questions about beer reach out to the Brew Happy Crew here (thebrewhappyshow@gmail.com). However if you have any questions about podcasting or help with other media reach out to Brew Happy Media (Damian@brewhappymedia.com).

Questions & Answers

(Q) – How did The Brew Happy Show start?

  (A) – As a pilot series in late 2009 at KPSU, and latter branched off to Podcast format for about 50 episodes until 2011 total. Damian reformatted for a short 6 episode Television adaptation in 2012 on Portland Public Media, before rebooting the Podcast in 2013 leading to the current format, and over 500 weekly episodes.

(Q) – Where is The Brew Happy Show located?

  (A) – Portland, OR. The current “mecca” for craft beer.

(Q) – Who makes The Brew Happy Show?

  (A) – Produced and published by Brew Happy Media, at JPR Studios. Currently hosted on the Libsyn podcast network.

(Q) – How often are episodes released?

  (A) – Every Week! Though we do take the occasional week off depending on where a holiday falls, we normally make up for it with bonus episodes and other featured content.

(Q) – When are episodes recorded/released?

  (A) – The Brew Happy Show is recorded every Monday night at 7pm.  After the crew gets off of work. The podcast is then uploaded within a few days (always before the next recording).

(Q) – How do I get on The Brew Happy Show to discuss my role in the craft beer industry?

  (A) – Just reach out to The Brew Happy Show on Social Media or especially at our scheduling desk, thebrewhappyshow@gmail.com to discuss which Monday night will work for you.


(Q) – I noticed The Brew Happy Show is a mobile podcast that records from taprooms and brewpubs all around Portland to promote small to medium sized business. Is there certain criteria to have the podcast at my bar?

  (A) – Yes! The Brew Happy Show loves promoting small emerging businesses. Host locations just need to be:

  • Locally Accessible (or help cover travel costs outside of Portland Metro).
  • Provide space near an outlet.
  • Sponsor a round of beers for us to discuss as we begin the show.

This provides the crew an opportunity to talk about your menu and describe your space. Join the show and tell your story!

(Q) – Will The Brew Happy Show come outside of Portland Metro to visit my town and/or business?

  (A) – We are certainly open to a road trip from time to time. It depends on our collective schedules and transportation. Reach out to thebrewhappyshow@gmail.com to see what we can arrange.

(Q) – I’ve heard the fun commercials. I would like to advertise my business or event on The Brew Happy Show. How can I make this happen?

  (A) – We just need ad copy to read live, or as a pre-recorded clip. The production cost for the time and effort is only $25 and comes with 1 airing on 2 weekly shows. Additional airings are just $5-10 each. We appreciate the support. For more about recording ad space, reach out to Brew Happy Media production,  brewhappypdx@gmail.com directly for more information.

(Q) – My business affiliated with craft beverage industry or the love of craft beer, and would like to help sponsor The Brew Happy Show. How can we help this popular podcast and get brand recognition in return?

  (A) – Sponsorship packages are available. Sponsorship helps to provide much needed monthly support, for transportation, equipment, time, hosting and other costs.

(Q) – I am a fan of the show who loves beer and want to help keep more content coming. How can I help support The Brew Happy Show?

  (A) – Anyone can help support the show on our Patreon page, for as little as $1/month. For $5/month or more there are rewards! Become a Patron!

(Q) – The Brew Happy Show is far away from where I live. But I think this beer in my hand is worth talking about. How can I share this delicious discovery with the rest of the Brewniverse?

  (A) – Just reach our to us on Social Media (links above) and let us know where you are, what you are drinking, and what you love about it so much, and we’ll give you a shout out to help you spread the word!

(Q) – What is the circulation of The Brew Happy Show’s weekly podcast?

  (A) – Currently we have rough average of 5,000 regular weekly listeners (impressions), give or take a few hundred downloads, but we also get nearly twice that number (approx 9,000) in additional random downloads, which can either be attributed to new interested listeners, people potentially signing in on more than one device, using VPNs, encrypted servers, etc. However we look forward to growing our audience. Hit up our MAKE CONTACT page to reach us about Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities. After all the more we grow the show, the more listeners are in the know, about our friends.

(Q) – Other plans for the future?

  (A) – Yes! We are currently in the process of doing some “world building”, to nurture our connection with our audience. Including a map of our favorite beer locations, audio tours,  and businesses, reviews and articles about our experiences, global perspectives from our international correspondents, and connections with other friends in the industry. Check out our Social Media Links above and SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW to get regular updates about our activities on Social Media.


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