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Sponsoring the show is a really great way to help us fund advertising campaigns and boost posts to help spread our message. The more people hear about us, the more they hear about you. We love Sustainers like Paul’s Cigars, but we also have: 

  • Quarterly – A 3 month package gets Bumpers, Plugs, and a 20 minute guest spot to discuss your beverage related brand or product.
  • Monthly – Support 4-5 shows. Record a reciprocating Bumper, and a live plug at beginning and end of each show in your cycle.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed sponsorship in the past by Amnesia Brewing, Coalition Brewing, Bridgeport Brewing, The Green Dragon Taproom, Culmination Brewing, and Imperial Yeast. Great local brands that have helped us along the way. 

Advertising is a great way to let the community know about your product. It directly pays the people that make the show at Brew Happy Media. Let’s make a fun commercial together, about your brand or product!

It’s really easy, and fun! We’ll even help you write ad copy, produce and perform for your 30-60 second ad on our weekly show about your product or business.

First time advertisers get one free additional time slot!

Patreon supporters are our most common, and easiest form of support. Just sign up here using this link.

You can just donate as little as $1/month.

But for $5/month we get to interact a little more.

For $25/month you’re basically paying our bar tab, so that’s 4 shows dedicated to you each month.

  • The $100/month option is for collaborators, preliminary sponsors and advertisers. Reach out for more details.

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Here are some friends who have joined us in the past...

Below are brands and companies that have been featured on the show in the past. Not all of them are still even around anymore, but their story will always be here.

Check out our current friends in the industry. Be sure and tell them where you heard about them first, on The Brew Happy Show!