Let Brew Happy Media make a fun commercial for you to play on The Brew Happy Show (4x).

Advertising blocks on The Brew Happy Show are limited to 30-60 second segments. Each show has two commercial breaks. Only one play per show. 

If you provide us the basic pertinent information, Brew Happy Media will:

  1. Write the ad copy.
  2. Perform the material.
  3. Produce a quality audio product.
  4. Play that audio commercial 4x (1 month).

First time advertisers get one free additional time slot. There is a Production fee of $25. (Return clients, your first 30 seconds are waived.)

Beyond that, you choose your level of involvement. Some clients like to do the voice-over and read their own ad copy. That’s great! You may have a voice for radio!

Your commercial MAY be slated for regular rotation, if it meets the appropriate criteria.