Sponsor The Brew Happy Show!

Sponsorship means helping us to create and produce our weekly show. This help can be done in small ways and big ways.

Small ways that you can help us do the best we can:  Somethings as simple as sponsoring a round of drinks to discuss on the show, or dropping off a product to review, or a gift certificate to raffle off to our fanbase, or a surprise for our Patreon members

Big ways you can Sponsor:  While much of our proceeds go towards advertising pushes to grow our listenership. Sponsorship really means donating time and resources for equipment and tools to help us travel and grow. Other ways include Co-branding on coasters, T-shirts, posters, even billboards, would be a great step-up for us.

In return, we sing you praises of appreciation at the beginning and end of each show you’re a part of. So our audience will know you are a true friend of craft beer and artisanal beverages. 

Monetary earnings and advertising help, keeps us growing, and more subscribers will know you through The Brew Happy Show. Reach out to brewhappypdx@gmail.com to find out more about Sponsorship opportunities.