Welcome to The Brew Happy Show’s world building site. Here we will be adding updates and release information about our friends in the industry, including a map of our favorite places, lists of businesses we endorse, audio tours, events and more!


Our 500th episode WAS on March 6th! We linked up at The Beer Mongers for our anniversary episode where we raffled off prizes with the “Wheel of Craft Beer”. Celebrating the longest running podcast about beer (Since 2009). 

Special thanks to our host location (The Beer Mongers), as well as our guests, local beer fan Don Shite, Craft Beer Scribe Warren Wills, and bar owner Sean Campbell of The Beer Mongers!

Please visit our podcast site for now at our new Host Site on where we are on Libsyn, to bring your all the haps on the hops here in the Pacific Northwest. Cheers!